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Hello Robert Zaichkowski,

You wrote:

> Mind if ya could send me that
> APE since I don't got a C++ complier?
> That would be good!

No problem.

Here is the compiled
project with the APE
The compiled files are
copied back to the top
level directory.

I copied both the avstut00.avs
and the avstut00.ape files to the
WinAmp plugin directory:

"C:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins\avs"

as suggested by "Lucid DM".
Then I exited and restarted WinAmp.

However, I still don't see any
simple box throbbing to the beats.
Let me know if it runs for you in
your environment.

Maybe somethings messed up with
my WinAmp environment.

Reading the WVS docs, I see that
perhaps we need some sort of .dll
to be created and placed somewhere
in the Winamp\Plugins directory.
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