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What I'm concluding is that the CPU is the weakest link in what is a fairly weak chain, and that the first and easiest port of call may be to overclock it—something I've never done before, so that could be fun.

FWIW, I totally misread the GPU Boss page comparing the [game's minimum] GTX 680 to the GTX 750 Ti [that I have]. The "real world" benchmarks tell the story.

Mike, I've been advised that the CPU Boss comparison page that I linked to only really considers per-core or single-core performance, and since the G3258 has only two cores compared to, say, the 4 cores of the i5-2400, it's not a valuable comparison.

I'm learning that this particular game is one resource-hungry mofo. It should be noted that AC:Unity is not the only game that I want to be playable, so designing the build specifically to suit this one game could be misguided. That said, if modern games are more and more similar in their system requirements, using a resource hog as a benchmark might not be a bad idea.

Please feel free to add any other suggestions.

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