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Originally Posted by iomegajaz View Post
I've overclocked it to a seemingly stable 4.2 GHz.

Since you are new to overclocking, I suggest you download and install the 32bit or 64bit version of HWiNFO that matches your OS. It is a free app that monitors and shows in real time the current, min, max, and average voltage, speed, temperature, and other parameters associated with your various hardware components.

Also download and run some free benchmark and/or stress test apps (or just play the game) with HWiNFO running, to make sure your components (mainly the overclocked CPU) are stable and stay within max operating limits (mainly the CPU's temperature). Max limits for each component are available on the internet. If the CPU is getting too hot, you will need to get a more powerful cooler for it or reduce the overclock.

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