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Introduction to NSV

Introduction to NSV

NSV can be played using Winamp 2.90+, Winamp 5.0+, and using the appropriate plug-ins with Internet Explorer and Netscape (Mozilla)

For the higest quality results use VP6 for video and AAC for audio when streaming. VP6 video is supported in Winamp 5.0. If you have an older version you can download it below.

- NSV Homepage
- Unoffical NSV Information Website
- SHOUTcast Audio And Video Streaming Guide

- ActiveX Playback controls
- nsvscsrc clone for Linux

Viewing on other OS's
- VLC Media Player
- Xine
- Xbox Media Center
- Mplayer
- Totem

-- NSV Streaming Information
-- Using AAC Audio with NSV
-- Streaming Video with NSV SHOUTcast
-- Encoding NSV Video Files (NSVenc CLI)
-- Encoding NSV Video Files (NSV Batch Encoder GUI)
-- Streaming Pre-encoded Videos (nsvscsrc CLI)
-- Streaming Live Video (nsvenc CLI)
-- Streaming Live Video (nsvcap GUI)
-- Playback
-- Streaming Live Video with NSVenc
-- NSVenc Stuff (From Developers)
-- Additional Notes
-- NSVenc Command Line Switches and Options
-- Video Guidelines

- Videos
- More NSV Samples
- Nullsoft Television

Technical Documentation:
- Nullsoft Video Format Specification
- Nullsoft Video Bitstream Library Source

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