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RayLine NSV Streamer 1.0.7 has been Released!

Version 1.0.7 is bug fixes release with a few enhancements. The following features can be found in this version of RayLine NSV Streamer:

NSVx Control is inside the program now. The need for this dependency has been eliminated (This should fix any unregistered control problems as reported by oldmagic).

Latest NSVx Code Version 0.1.3-Beta which includes better stream timing and better access to Shoutcast Service Information. (Should fix Guide De-Sync and Shoutcast Overruns causing Pink Blocks).

Added a real progress bar to the program based on new calls from NSVx Control.

Added Users Connected and Average Connect Time to GUI and HTML Guide Page along with an updated Template File.

Fixed Bug: Update HTML Icon outputting a "Offline Page" while streaming (as reported by lostchain).

Fixed Bug: NSVx would fail to reset progress to 0 and report the event on "Stop Stream."
NSVx Control has been moved to the Configuration Page as Progress is reported by NSVx Events now, but not hidden as a Thank You for Ken's hard work.

I will likely not release NSVx.ocx Version 0.1.3 until version 1.0.8 of RayLine NSV Streamer. Many of the new enhancements need testing to ensure functionality. The User and Averages information works with Shoutcast Version 1.9.x but I really wouldn't mind if someone tested it with 2.x. There are code parsing trappers to prevent errors in NSVx.OCX but the result will be no triggered update events if there is a problem gathering User and Averages Information (which would result in users staying at 0 and Avg Time staying at 0m 0s).

There are also some more timing issues that have to be resolved in relation to stream parsing for "Frame Tags". There is the likelihood that the NSVx Control may miss a frame tag causing it to under-count the number of frames being send out (25fps but 26 or 27 frames gets sent by mistake). This would result in the Control getting slightly ahead of itself and possibly causing a overrun in the Shoutcast Server. The timing issue is minor compared to the one I fixed and the result may cause a pink block here and there but nothing critical. The particular problem requires a rewrite of the stream parsing routine which may result in a rewrite of the streaming code itself. The stream is also pushed in 1 second intervals (all 15 frames at once for 15fps or 30 frames at once for 30fps) and and could cause Shoutcast Server overruns especially at extremely high bitrates (Generally, HD Video 720p or Higher) which could result in corrupt video. The ideal situation is to push the video one frame at a time however this may increase CPU Time used by NSVx. With today's processors, this should be a marginal impact but I will be performing testing before implementing the changes.
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