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RayLine NSV Streamer 1.0.8 has been Released!

This release handles various bugs that have crept up during the process of making this program. I've spent most of my time writing new features that I needed to slow down just a little to address the little things that go wrong. The following bugs should be fixed now with several GUI Enhancements:

HTML Guide doesn't set the font color which can clash with some windows themes causing the text color to be the same as the table color.

The infamous timer overflow in NSVx causing a stream to get stuck indefinitely in the "Wait to Send Next Video Frame State" once every 25 days has been fixed (Will be included in NSVx Version 0.1.3).

Additional Variables have been added to the HTML Guide to better customize the experience.
Offline HTML Guide page wasn't being generated on Exit (while still streaming), leaving viewers believing the station was still online.

Selecting a HTML Guide Template and then cancelling the open dialog would clear the previous template instead of keeping it.

Output HTML Guide "Save As Dialog" would fail to append ".html" to the file name if the file extension wasn't already specified (Valid extensions are *.html, *.htm, *.txt and *.php).
NSVx AND RayLine NSV Streamer tend to create 0 byte files if either attempt to open a NSV that don't exist because of the "Default Binary Read-Write Mode." NSV's should be opened as read-only. (Will be included in NSVx Version 0.1.3 with a new "State Condition" of "File not Found" for this problem, handle as if it's back to State 1).

Failure to run NSVx.Setup (AND NSVx.Header if you're using Ken's Version 0.1.2 Spec) before NSVx.Connect will stay at State 0 causing a infinite loop in your program if you go by the Programming Instructions in the Demo Program (Written by Ken). Since all programs use this loop that I've seen so far, a new "State Condition" will be created that means, "Please Setup First". However, the correct way to handle this would be the same as Winsock itself, Raise an Event when the Control is ready for Streaming, not a "While NSVx.State = 0: DoEvents: Wend". This causes 100% CPU during the "Shoutcast Connect" and isn't necessary (granted a sleep call could be added but that isn't the point). This is a NSVx Specific issue and is still being worked on.

A default interval of 10 minutes (which is adjustable or can be disabled) has been added to recreating the HTML Guide. Useful for updating stats on the Guide like "Users Connected to the Stream" and "Connection Averages" on a more regular basis.

Ability to New Project, Open Project, New Playlist, Open Playlist and the ability to adjust the Shoutcast Server Settings while streaming is now disabled! Taking these actions while streaming is asking for a crash and if everything does survive, it will very likely cause very unexpected results. Any config options that are still supported while streaming will stay enabled. You can still add files and delete files from the current playlist while streaming.

You can no longer move a file down past a blank line. This wasn't fatal and would just cause the streamer to "Finish" at the blank line as if the playlist is over. It was still confusing and only LostChain (in his infamous efforts to BREAK MY PROGRAM) would attempt to do something like this to prove a point. FIXED!

Status Bar to give more detailed information about what is going on.

Experimental Drag/Drop Support for File Fields in HTML Guide Configuration.

Experimental Drag/Drop Support for NSV Files on to "Add Video to Schedule" Button (Button is always enabled now for Drag/Drop Reasons).

Field Tab Order has been fixed.

Auto Reconnect to Shoutcast (30 Second Timer and same rules as Winamp's Shoutcast DSP with the exception of restarting the current Program).

IMMEDIATE Minimize on Startup (If Enabled).

IMMEDIATE Connect on Startup (If Enabled).

Experimental Drag/Drop of Playlist Items using Single or Multi-Select Options.
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