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RayLine NSV Streamer 1.0.9 has been Released!

This release handles various bugs that have crept up during the process of making this program (part 2). The following bugs should be fixed now with several GUI Enhancements:

Multi-Select Insert on Playlist items works correctly when moving items that are "earlier" in the list because the list shifts down as the items are pulled out. But when taking items from "after" the insertion point causes the list to be shifted up which makes playlist items order backwards during insert because the insert pointer is static.

The Public Server Setting was being ignored which always told the server that it was a public server causing it to be listed in the Shoutcast Directory.

The Public Server Setting wasn't being Saved in the Project File (Default Public Server Setting is "Enabled").

Selecting "Auto Save on Rotate" and streaming a new project that has never been saved before causes a "Save As" Dialog to appear on Playlist Rotate causing the streamer to hang until the project is saved or the dialog is cancelled.

Moving or Deleting a NSV File in the playlist will cause the streamer to create a 0 byte file when the file is opened. It seems that "Open Binary Access Read" doesn't throw an exception when the file is not found. The file will now rotate and turn red or roll off depending on settings.

Moving or Deleting a NSV File after the playlist is loaded creates a 0 byte file when it comes up to be streamed (NSVx should handle this correctly by returning a "File not Found" error code). This was supposed to be fixed in 1.0.8 but I was having some issues with it.
Dead Entries will roll like the the good files now but still won't show up in the HTML Guide. Its better to discover something is wrong, then it to silently disappear and never get noticed.

Internal NSVx Support for "Reconnect to Shoutcast." This will allow the stream to pickup from where it left off (if the connection can be re-established immediately). Otherwise the 30 second timer will restart the stream. This support will be available in NSVx Version 0.1.3. The NSVx Progress Bar will turn Red momentary to indicate that it lost connection and is trying to reconnect.

You can move a file out of position 1 while streaming using the old style movement keys. This causes unexpected results and should be disabled or the file being placed in position 1 should start streaming right away and the old stream should be aborted.

Multi-Select files can rotate into Position 1 allowing it to ultimately be moved while streaming. Files that roll into Position 1 should be un-tagged.

Pressing the X Box to Delete a Program Entry would fail to move the selection with the file as the list drops causing the wrong item to be selected.

Time/Date's were being displayed for non-existent playlist items (Would display incorrect values now that Calculate Schedule Times skips over slots without programs in them).

Much better optimization for "Calculating Schedule Times" greatly increases the Refresh Rate of the Page after files are added or deleted.

Item 1 is Greyed out during streaming to indicate that slot can't be messed with (Except the "X Box" which obviously skips the stream item and rotates it if enabled and deletes if not enabled).

Hopefully at this point, I've caught all the major problems with the program. I've done some extensive testing with the program and I'm pretty sure I've covered all the problems that could result in a program crash. The UI enhancements should make playlist manipulation easier than ever!
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