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RayLine NSV Streamer 1.1.0 has been Released!

Native IceCast Support! This is great stuff as there are many benefits to using Icecast. Granted Icecast does support Shoutcast "Compatibility Mode" but it is very limited on how many streams you can have or the functionality and manipulation of the stream options... now the Fixes:

Native IceCast 2 Support!

Program fails to show up if Auto-Start is enabled and the program is started from the project file.

Multi-Select release in an invalid field doesn't reset the colors of the Prev/Next Buttons.

Strict Filtering of Fields prevents errors that could cause problems with the program or server.

Auto show password on field highlight makes password mistakes less of a headache.

Minimize on Auto-Start will Minimize of Load regardless if Auto-Start is enabled or not.

I wrote the IceCast handling routines directly into NSVx and will be available to anyone who wants to use native IceCast support in their programs via NSVx. People who have already written programs based around Ken's NSVx Version 0.1.1 or 0.1.2 will only have to make minor code changes to implement the IceCast Support in their program. This support will be fully released in the upcoming NSVx Version 0.1.3 for anyone who wants to take advantage of this support. Currently the client doesn't update user stats from the IceCast Server but I will make sure to correct that in the upcoming Version 1.1.1.

Please Note: Due to limitations that I wrote in the initial "Project File" format, I've had to upgrade the format. This shouldn't be a problem as I've written an auto up-grader in the program to re-write your Project File using the new format. All settings and playlist information will be preserved, but keep in mind that once you upgrade your "Project File", you can no longer use it with a version of RayLine NSV Streamer below 1.1.0. However, if it is really necessary to use it again with an older version of RayLine NSV Streamer, you can load it but it will have some invalid "files" at the beginning of the playlist. Simply remove the "Invalid" files and re-save the Project File. But if you have any doubt in your mind, you should make a backup copy of your "Project File" first before doing the upgrade. The program will ask on Project Load if you want to upgrade your Project File and you have the option to refuse, just be aware that if at any point you press "Save Project" or it "Saves on Rotate", it will silently upgrade the project file.
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