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TV automation

Hello, I have been searching for very long now for some sort of tv automation software that is free or not expensive. There are a few comerical solutions that would work ok but very $$

My wish list would be able to use a program like zararadio but for video files as well. It has settings such as random rotations, Categories etc. So this would make it very easy to program episodes at their times and play a random episode of the tv show without having to program everything all the time. This is just for fun so its not like im worried in trying to sync the order of episodes unless I want to with a simple playlist.

Anyways with the help of a few plugins. Winamp can play video files just fine. With the help of a plugin called Wshield I can automate winamp to just just about anything like zararadio can but with video files as well. I can program a m3u playlist of x tv shows with all the episodes and program to play in random. Now all I have to do is drag the winamp video window to my external second screen. (HDMI TV) the feed plays perfect and full simple automation.

Now I need to find a way to take this live winamp video feed and stream it with possibly some sort of virtual video driver? Most video encoding streaming softwares need a "Live Source" Winamp simply playing video files is not a live source and im not sure if there is a way to do it without having to get an aditional video capture device and loop the external display output into its input and then set to input via video streaming application of choise.

Any hints? I'm so close to a great working system!
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