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Well i have it set to stream instead of local.
I don't see any other option to set it to static.
My source are originaly mp4 or mkv.
I convert it first to avi before i encode it.

It seems on 640kbps VP8 is able to stream well.
Im on the list just search google have atm 1 test stream for vp8.

Still the color's arent even close to the original.
Have tried to compile the latest vp8.

Might be that im on windows 8, 64bit that im getting some errors .

Atm no xp box to test it on.

Anyway if you know how to get more options/normal colors on vp8 i would be happy.
As the bitrate is perfect although i have to set it to 1400 to get 570kbps kinda weird.

So any fix for that would be great, as the quality seems pretty good.

If you know how to fix vp62 im also happy though .
Just trying to stream at uhmz i wouldnt dare say high quality.
But still get the most out of the bitrate i'm streaming at.

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