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Thanks for the info guys,
But anyway .
At that time the activex files.
Although as i noticed firefox no longer supports it its useless.
Though i found the people who have vlc installed can still see it online with the vlc plugin.
That seems to work on most major browsers yay!

No solution for mobile but what do you expect with nsv .

Atm i will be using VP8 hope im at least using latest version thats compiled.
No version so no clue .
Atm thinking of writing a new nsvscsrc, or write a proper gui tool,
To add the support it doesnt have, and fix a annoying bug of updating the title before its even connected..

Any hints to improve my encoding speed or even quality is helpful .

Offtopic but oh well,
sank, as i have been reading quite some old posts.
I noticed you where looking for a good p2p solution.
Did you find a good one ? one that ofcourse has a userbase.
As even though im listed in the shoutcast tv directory.
Max viewers i can get is about 80. and thats more then most are getting.
Even when im around 30-40 at good times i still top the others.
So i asume the userbase has slimed down/was never to big.

So checking if i can use nsv to stream to any other base to get some more viewers .

Second Edit:
It seems the icecast directory,
Allows you to add servers to there list not coming from the ip thats adding them.
I might whip up a app that reads the info from the shoutcast page.
And adds it to the icecast directory .

Now the question.. would it be usefull or just don't even try ?

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