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Sorry for the double post,
But my other post got rather big,

Well i was able to compile the vp8 .
Now using 1.1.0 yay!

Seems i had to setup everything as it was set to build a .exe
Couldnt figure it out directly.. now build it with vc++ 2005 but seems i could have done it with 2008.. need to reinstall 2008 later and try and see if it still works .

I can encode and watch the vid. havent noticed any changes yet though.
Yes winamp does use 1.1.0 for decoding.

Could upload it somewhere if interested.

All this time i was trying to build as Debug, those settings where messed up.
While Release was correct. but i never checked.. shame on me!

Seems the threads option was never passed so it only used 1 core.
1 small change from 1 to config.g_threads and now i can set the amounth of threads i want.
I asume its cause some people set a amounth that they dont have ?
usershoot/overshoot is also used. yet you cant set it.. no clue why.

Though threads shouldnt mean core's should it ? even if i set it to 4 it uses about 5% more to reach 80% i got 4 cores btw. so i asume it was just a mistake.
Love this blazing fast encoding. normaly i had to wait now i can watch and encode!

Seems there is 1.2.0 but no name ?
Nor a actuall zip for it so i will try to just use the real latest modified a few days ago.
from github wish me luck lol.

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