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I hate that i have to double post but oh well..
Anyway are you guys sure nsv is all that dead as people think ?
Atm you can play a nsv stream on the wii, android, windows pc,linux pc, mac!
Most of them are done by VideoLan(VLC) + Browser support by VLC! yes they have a browser plugin for all mainstream browsers!

But i can watch my stream on my mobile without problem(sound stutterd cause mobile it a bit slow) but still!

I did notice winamp hasnt fixed the flip screen.. so when you encode for winamp.
VLC will show it upside down. but it has options to fix it. even on android!

With the VP80 codec i compiled i can get quite good quality on 320kbps even 128kbps its quite good(not as good as what i wanna watch though i like hd).

List of things we might want to replace/update, though update isnt possible.
nsvate.exe - still working perfectly for me(would be nice to have multi file encoding)
nsvcap.exe - never had problems(did read people having problems)
nsvscsrc.exe - would be nice to have a better one with more options(its possible to make a fully new one, would take a bit of time)
NSVenc.exe - never used it doubt it has any problems.
nsv_coder_vp62.dll - kinda outdated but still nice to sometimes use.
nsv_coder_vp80.dll - not to new but still being updated by google yay?
nsv_coder_aacplus.dll - no problems that are known to me so no problem right ?

So if we could get a gui that fixes/bypasses problems on nsvscsrc and adds a few feature's
Its a done deal, although a new app for this might be best(requires more work).

So to me it looks like we still got all tools working to make this happen.
Good video encoder(vp62,vp80), good audio encoder(aacplus).
Good encoder tools(nsvate), good live encoder tool(nsvcap).
Semi good streaming tool(nsvscsrc).

Any other reason why nsv would be outdated ? as to me it doesnt even seem most tools do require a update.

Btw atm i'm checking how to add second pass to vp80 as it would be nice to have.
Just a pain to me to add as i dont often code in c++.
And ofcourse saving/reading of profile data. shouldnt be to hard.
And add some more public options like noise/sharpness.

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