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Anyway are you guys sure nsv is all that dead as people think ?

This was the day AOL killed it. July 1, 2004. Is Winamp dead? I think a lot of these things are dead being replaced by dedicated applications. Give it 10 years and we might not remember what a podcast, a media player or an RSS feed is.

Dead as a can of spam. It always was a twitchy bitch.

Webmaster rules of thumb:

No one will type or install anything. They'll just go someplace they don't have to.

There is a shift in the way media is getting delivered. In 10 years, we won't remember what a podcast, an RSS feed or a media player is. Everything is going to dedicated apps.

On Android.... you really do need that hardware video decoder. The manufacturers didn't include it for fun. VLC on Android? Not good. Uses your main processor instead of the super fast hardware decoder. That's doggish and a half.

NSV is dead. Is Winamp? It's got a lot of things working against it.

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