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Originally Posted by sankt View Post
The Shoutcast directory no longer lists NSV stations. The NSV station directory plugin for Winamp was removed some time ago.

The NSV software that was initially released was considered BETA, and has not been updated in 10 years.
The source code has long since been buried in the sands of time.

For all practical purposes, yes - the NSV software is dead.
I was really hoping the new owner would bring Soutcast TV back I no sure if it been gone but there been listing before the shut down and the sale and there still channels i can find running that had booked marked. Tons of radio station went off like and yes the sale sat Winamp and SHOUTCAST was sold to the new company so I would think shoutcast radio and TV would get picked up.. i had to drop so many great station off as they stop broadcasting due to not knowing what was going on..not many can't get back on as they would after the sale losing they place online after 17 years on winamp.
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