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as had already been covered, there were barely any NSV streams left as people just aren't using NSV and haven't done so for years (especially as tool development was stopped a decade ago) as there are far better options for video streaming. plus viewer numbers had drastically waned (<500) even before the view was removed from Winamp (prior to the sale as part of a general review of services).

obviously if stations want to use another service which still supports it then so be it, but as i'm only seeing 8 on there out of the 80-90 which had been known about at the time the support was dropped from SHOUTcast, that doesn't show there's much interest for something which happened over 3 months ago.

and on an unrelated note, i'm surprised that the Ogg Vorbis stream count is so low despite the number of stations i'm aware off who've always refused to use SHOUTcast since it doesn't have Ogg Vorbis support (which based on those numbers alone, makes it less of an incentive to try to support formats other than MP3 and AAC).
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