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I think its not possible, but maybe as a feature in future releases:

I have created "events" (Playing news). This event is triggered every hour.

With a higher priority as the other playlists it works perfect.

But if i have a stream-relay insted of a playlist in this hour, my news won't be played (i've made sure that the priority of the news-playlist is higher than the stream-relay one).

Is there a solution to force sc_trans to play this playlist?

If not: This maybe something for the future which would be very nice. Also a calendarxml-option for forcing a playlist to becone imediatly active would also be nice, because of this situation:

You have a Playlist with one item: A Mix-Session of, lets say, 90 minutes. You start this Playlist at 8 o'clock, but you want a prerecorded radioshow to be started at 9 o'clock. But the playlist with the radioshow won't becone active as long as the 90 min-mp3 isn't finished, so your radioshow would start at 9.30 ...
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