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My Nikon D40 DSLR and Panther Arms A-150 rifle were both paid for with tax returns; The government practically pays me to shoot shit...

Speaking of cameras, this has me remember; I bought a Nikon S3000 as a back-up and carry-alternative to my D40...MSRP is about $150, but I bought it for about $105, since this was returned opened at my Target, but was just marked down because all the components were still there and the camera wasn't touched...Score

And I bought some MOAR accessories for my D40; On top of the 55-200mm VR lens I bought last year, I recently bought a Nikon SS-400 external flash (Fuuuuck, the flash angle adjustment makes me love using flash now), a Sto-Fen diffuser, and a Nikon ML-L3 remote...

"I just want to lie in my own crusty filth, eating rancid egg sandwiches, until some unfortunate paramedic has to blow down my door to find my bloated and pasty corpse wedged between the nightstand and mattress stained with Bengay and Robitussin DM." - Greg Gutfeld on sex and seniors
"Syphilis does not stay in Vegas. Debt collectors do not stay in Vegas. Dead hookers stay in Vegas, but the guilt stays with you forever." - Bill Schultz
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