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smoked cloves and kamel reds. Loved 'em both.

smoking cloves is no more healthy or harmful than any other tobacco product. The real bitch with smoking is the combustion of the product and inhaling it into your lungs. When things are burned, free radicales are produced en masse.

Being the free highly reactive substance a free radical is and sucking that into your body is hella bad. See, it's the free radicals that get absorbed by various cells in your body and proceed to mutate the cell, which alters cell reproduction. All of a sudden, you have these cells that are not quite right, creating other bastards that are not quite right.

Because these cells are all jacked/insane in the membrane (ha, I made a funny)/what have you, they don't take as long to reproduce as a normal healthy cell.

All of a sudden, you have a clump of that somewhere in your body. We then call that a tumor and diagnose you with cancer.

Fucking free radicals man, they are not hippies.

oh, bought: DJ mag and am pondering a pair of the red 50th anniversary 1460 doc martens.
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