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@ Ted, i very seriously doubt it and given the ratio of convenience store owners who speak gibberish, turkey clucks, etc to english i doubt they'd believe you even if it was illegal and you tried to tell them.

@RoH, personally no, well.... after sex if a pack is on hand, but i don't buy them for myself, i like one every once in a while, but yeah i'm in the same boat with you, if i have more than one or two in a day it plays hell on my lungs.

@fc*ku (fuck it, i'm tired, i tried(ish)) i guess you might possibly have a point(that was on topic and valid, but they're honestly one of the most harsh brands of cigarettes i can think of.

my usual brand when i can't roll is camel wides personally, less holes in the filters than even the king size is why i like em.

that's the main downside to rolling cigarettes too without being able to hand roll them pretty damn well, you wind up buying a pack of the spendies when you go out for the day just because rolling in a car or on a bus or whatever is so much extra trouble.

oh and @Ted (again) well..... yes and no, source and tl;dr summary after the link:

TL;DR summary:
in a nutshell, clove cigarettes were yes, in 2009.
cigarette is apparently however defined as something wrapped/rolled in something not a tobacco product, in other words, clover cigs? yep, clove cigars and a huge gaping vagina (shit, sorry i mean loophole ) the size of a hallway later and cloves still exist just with a different type of paper.

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