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Originally posted by mrharhar
The most racist jokes I've ever heard were said by Chris Rock. But he isn't being racist, you know why? Because he's black. He, and his audience, knows that the jokes are just jokes, and that the generalizations and racial slurs aren’t true. If a non-black man made the same jokes in front of the same audience he might well get lynched, why? Because their not black. It might be a joke about a racial slur (a la Chris R), or it might be a racial slur. You cant tell. You cant tell what the thought behind the comment was if he’s white, but if he’s black and saying something about niggers and crime, you know he knows its just a joke.
The same way you are allowed to make self depreciating comments that would be down right insulting if you said them about somebody else: Man, I look like I woke up in a dumpster. If you said that to a stranger on the street, on the other hand, he would likely be angry.
Its not that confusing, and its not that unfair.

If you’re attributing characteristics other than appearance based on skin color you’re a racist. If you say all people from somewhere, are a certain type, you’re a racist. If you think that people of a particular race act a certain way, you’re a racist. People act independent of skin color, they act the way they do because of the way that they were brought up, based on what they have seen and felt during their lives, not their Melanin concentration.

And thats all I have to say about that.

A white man should, one day, redo a chris rock act in the middle of new york, just to see what happened.

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