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Originally posted by ElChevelle
The problem with major cities is they tend to sprawl in one direction while leaving the older sections to dilapidate. Denver intentionally built the new baseball stadium smack in the middle of shithole downtown where it has flourished and rebuilt itself into an incredible hub of entertainment and after hours social gathering. Very prime real estate now.
I agree.... Detroit just put in the new Very Large Ball Park..Tiger stadium lies almost dormant, just down the street from this building that I took the pic of...

What I'm getting at here is ...Either tear the friggin mess down or spend the money to make the very first eyecatcher that we see crossing into the US of A...Repectable!

I can remember at one time....There were older buildings around this area..Well kept and small businesses were everywhere to see..

Now it's just over run by minorities..Aids providers and All the drugs you can stuff up your nose or crank into your arms..

Friggin Sad Display of political prowess and reign...
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