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Well, it can be with or without defined tones. The point of atonal music is to reduce/eliminate the tonal center/key of a piece.

Generally if you are writing a song you have moments of tension and release, and the standard way to achieve this is to move from dissonance to something that resolves the dissonance (e.g. a B7 chord to an E chord on a guitar). This would suggest the tonal center to be E.

Atonal can still use standard notes but not in the traditional format of chords (generally versions of chords built on the first, fourth, and fifth notes of the scale) that seem to go back and fourth from this tension to resolution. Instead the notes follow either a different format or they are randomly picked/assigned. Tension and resolution can still happen, but not the way I mentioned above.

Damn this is hard to sum up in a lil post. I'll see if looking up shit helps.

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