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Winamp Backup Tool v1.0 Beta 11.3 available

1.0 Beta 11.3:

- added Turkish language file (thanks to Ali Sarıoğlu)
- added PortugueseBR language file (thanks to Anderson Silva aka candiba)
- added Russian language file (thanks Alexander Nureyev aka VIPer)
- added Japanese language file (thanks to T-Matsuo)
- added a bunch of cosmetically tweaks to the GUI
- added hidden option to force the language selector to appear (set Lang=0 in Winamp_Backup_Tool.ini)
- made custom page uses a GUI.exe instead of a fixed standard page*
* allows us to be much more flexible with the design of the page
* vastly improved design of components page, there shouldn't be any horizontal scrollbar in any language anymore
- redesigned Finish page (smaller image, new donation section, mail link)
- fixed a couple of glitches in German language file
- tweaked several parts of the GUI to be more translation friendly
- changed components page checkbox icons to look more like Winamp
- [Installer] forced installer to show an icon in Windows programs/software menu
- [Installer] added small donation section to Finish page
- [Installer] made installer doesn't create donation start menu entries anymore

So the 11.x series continues and brings tons of improvements and is available in Turkish and PortugueseBR as well, thanks to Ali and candiba for that.

* Pawel is a great programmer
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