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Winamp Backup Tool v1.0 Beta 11.6 available

My last version before I take a larger break.

1.0 Beta 11.6:

- added backup and restoration of Nullsoft SHOUTcast Source DSP plugin settings
- added valid donation links (it's true, we finally accept donations, great, huh? )
- added additional infos to the integrity file
- made Winamp Pro backup only available, if user has a pro registered version (this will fix some weird issues)
- merged 'Essentials Pack' backup/restoration with 'Winamp Core Settings'
- fixed a couple of visual inconsistencies in the warning messages
- fixed a couple of issues in Polish and German language files
- moved 'Winamp Orgler' from 'Winamp Core Settings' to 'Miscellaneous Settings' (again)
- updated English, German, Polish, French, Romanian, PortugueseBR and Russian language files to v1.0 Rev 6
- [Installer] added description comments to Desktop and Start Menu shortcuts
- [Installer] added ability to create a Quick Launch icon
- [Installer] fixed some glitches with Desktop shortcut creation
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