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I get "air-waked" much worse with large vehicles than small. Priuses are small and heavy, therefore much less likely to be air-waked than a bigger vehicle. Today Renee and I made a 900 mile return trip from seeing family. We drove a pickup truck with a cap. Wind really does affect it a lot, whereas when we're in the Camry, I never notice anything.

Priuses aren't really all bad when it comes to performance: 0-60 in 9.8 seconds is pretty good for a small car actually. There are still many cars out there (hybrid and non) that are well over 10 seconds. They feel more roomy than they look too, and handling is surprisingly agile. Older Priuses did have issues with braking feeling kinda funny due to the recharging system (and they were slower and smaller), but that was all well-addressed 2 redesigns ago. It'll never claim to be a Lincoln, but it's still tops the market in what it is designed to do.

I hope this Lincoln does well though, because my comment was mostly for Ford (I don't see too many newer Lincolns on the road these days.). I have yet to ride in or even see a hybrid Lincoln. Sounds like quite a car though.

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