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Originally Posted by thegoodtimes View Post
Sorry to be a pain but this tool is AMAZING and I want to be sure of 1 thing... does it backup 'play count' and 'last played'?
It is able to back up the whole library database, which includes play count and last played as well, as other things like ratings etc.

....IF this greta tool backs up my play counts etc - in order to ever restore them or transfer them to another PC I would need to have 2 drives as the path to the files would be D:\
So in effect, am I making a problem for myself by not having my music on C:\?
Winamp's library is completely based on absolute file paths. So ideally, if you've stored your music files on e.g. D:\Music\ before, you should use the same path structure when you restore your database or transfer your Winamp configuration to another PC.

Otherwise you have to do some fine tuning, before all will work again. If the music was located on d:\Music if you made the backup and you decide to store your music on c:\Music in future, you must set the new location under Preferences > Media Library > Local Media > Watched Folders and make a rescan after your restored the data with the tool.

I'm glad that you like the tool, maybe it was worth to spend so much time on it, hehe.
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