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Well, I've been told about 18 with regular wheels, but you might get away with less. You're not in as much danger of damaging the tire as you are of breaking the bead seal and getting a non-damage flat - that means the tire isn't fully attached to the rim anymore, and that's buzzkill.

That said, you could order some rather expensive bead-lock wheels/rims, which have a circle of bolts on the inside and outside that hold the tire onto the rim even at single digit pressure (7-17 psi) without the risk of the tire coming loose from the rim. Many rims have fake-beadlock spots for looks, but the real thing makes a big difference. Again, very expensive, but worth it for some. The tire will really hug and wrap around each object it touches for much better grip if you have it at a low-pressure setup.

If you take things that far, airing up with a small portable compressor (some can fit under the hood) when you're done would be mandatory before you'd be safe on the road again.

I have a few friends who are really hardcore into the rock-climbing and swamp scene, so I learn from them. Personally, I only really need just enough to get firewood, camp, do a little beach partying, and trail-ride in national parks and other private sight-seeing areas. Oh, and it's good to have something that gets me a common commute during Iowa blizzards when others are blocked in. When I first bought this truck I thought about modding the hell out of it, but really, it's done fine so far without all of that; just keeping what the factory off-road kit includes. If I really need to climb over a pile of huge boulders, I'll get a good pair of boots or a small 4x4 ATV.

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