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I have been overclocking this 1055T X6 Athlon (2.8 Ghz) to 3.4 Ghz. That's a 20% overclock. It stays cool enough. If I go much further, it overheats. I have been told that you can overclock these to 4Ghz. That is true, but not if you are going to run the CPU at 100% for more than a few minutes.

I'm sort of calling "bullshit" on the claims that overclockers make. I have been able, with a good cooler, to exceed clock speeds by 20% and keep the temperature under control. I have not ever seen the miraculous 40% overclocks "on air" claimed by overclockers.

So... no bullshit... tell me your overclocking story. If you run Prime 95 for an hour do you melt? A 1055T will thermal shutdown @65C. 3.4 Ghz puts me @ about 57C under 100% load. 4 Ghz for more than a few minutes will overheat.

I do know one guy with an Intel CPU that runs @ 4Ghz. He had to use water cooling despite the claims you could do 4Ghz "on air".
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