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Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
not nearly as clever as you intend. just b/c the devs state a truism, (a SOP), does not mean they invented it, or that its credible b/c they happen to utilize it. they simply recognize the worthiness of such a paradigm. its a universal truth, and not a controversial one.
Not trying to be clever, just an observation. Are you saying that Winamp's particular SOP is a worthy universal truth or all SOPs are?

Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
in the last few recent posts, you have drawn conclusions about what this problem is or is not.
Since post #11 we have been discussing the pros and cons of using Winamp's troubleshooting SOP in this case and related points (at least that's what I thought). Back in January, I stated what I was seeing (in post #20 restated a real short version), I did not follow the SOP (nobody objected). I have not presented conclusions on what the problem of this thread is or is not. And you brought up the m4a issue in jph6t's thread (with your link), not me.

Anyway, the latest beta build 3381 partly fixes this thread's stated problem. The part that was causing me extra work is fixed.

The Alt+3 ID3v1 tab still shows the last genre value used instead of the value in the file, but unless the genre tag is also changed when 1 or more of the other tags are changed, the genre tag value in the file is no longer changed to the value that is being displayed.

So now it is just a visual discrepancy between what is in the file and what is being shown. I can live with that, since what is shown for genre on the basic info and the v2 tabs is what is actually in the v1 genre tag.

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