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personally, I appreciate having a rolling beta and I think its good for winamp as well, beta feedback makes a better product. I also completely approve of forcing users to upgrade IF a newer beta is available. I do think it is a sensible suggestion to say winamp beta should check to see if there is a newer beta available before it quits, and if not, don't quit. in fact, such a system would be better for a second reason, in that it could force a quit if there is a newer beta and its only been a few days or so since the beta's current install release. yes, it would require internet connection, but its a beta, I think that's a fair requirement for the ability to run a beta, and I would happily update as needed.

I do think the devs should realize that people don't want to be forced out of the beta without another to go to, and not get upset or surprised if someone says something, nor should they blanket everyone as feeling the way some random poster does who expresses himself poorly or rudely. most people using the beta appreciate the devs, I firmly believe that.

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