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Remote Desktop/ZaraRadio/Server 2003.

Hello all,

A belated Happy New Year to everyone here.

I have to be honest, this is almost completely off-topic, but I am posting in the hopes that someone may have come up against the same situation as me, rather than awaiting an answer. Either way, thanks for reading and for your time!

In a nutshell, my issue is that I am unable to log into Windows 2003 Server via Remote Desktop and still have 2003 Server be able to detect its Sound Card.

I have literally spent all night, from around 2200 to 0530 hours, trying fixes and work-arounds, which vary from removing one's Sound Card drivers, and disabling then re-enabling the card, to leaving Media Player playing music to 'lock' the card into place for detection - none of it has worked.

I run my own server, including SHOUTcast stream, and wish to administer ZaraRadio remotely, but to be able to do this, Zara needs to be able to detect the server's own sound card, which it ONLY does when I physically log onto the Server itself, under Remote Desktop it only shows the R.D.P. option - which to be fair DOES work - but not with Zara detecting the 'proper' Sound Card.

Having researched this matter on the Internet, there seems to be no real 'fix' for this, and to be fair most of the solutions that are proposed are for those who wish to stream audio via R.D.P., which on my system DOES work, but Zara just sees the standard R.D.P. option; those posts that do mention something close to this problem, actually suggest that Micro$haft actually made both Server 2003 and 2008 function like this, which basically suggests that this is not a flaw but how it should work, and I should actually contemplate 'downgrading' the O.S. to X.P.

Any thoughts, suggestions would be gratefully received.
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