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firstly, this isn't a listen2myradio's support forum and in-general, issues with using a 3rd party hosting service (as listen2myradio is) need to be directed through their support channels. if you're not able to do that then there's little we [SHOUTcast] can actually do about such matters and can only suggest you use an alternative service which meets your needs (on support, service and cost).

as for not getting immediate replies irrespective of your issue, this forum isn't monitored 24/7 and its normal on most forums for it to take a few hours to get some form of reply.

the screenshot shows that you've not specified a password (as listen2myradio should have provided you) in the the source software that you are trying to use to connect to the DNAS server. without a password, the source cannot connect and so cannot allow the audio to be provided to anyone who then does try to listen to the stream.

and then you get two replies at the same time.
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