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Originally Posted by kzuse View Post
Thanks. I now used the installer, no problem.
Good to hear it's working as expected.

Originally Posted by kzuse View Post
Another question: what is "libsoxr.dll" for? I found that the plugin also works without it (didn't test the encoder, just the input plugin)
libsoxr.dll is a higher-quality re-sampling library than the one used internally. It's only used by the encoder. It's also used by a number of my other plugins in the same manner. It can be safely removed but note that if you do, a lower grade re-sampler will be used.

Originally Posted by kzuse View Post
Moreover, today I found the time to do the German translation to your lng files. But now is the question: where must I place the .lng files and how must they be named?

I tried in_bpopus.lng in the plugins folder, in the Winamp main folder (which is set as my language directory), also called in_bpopus_de_DE.lng etc., but it wouldn't load it...

Maybe I also did something wrong in compiling the resources.

I attached them in this post, maybe you can test them if they work for you?

(They're beta, please don't redistribute until I had the chance to load them and see the dialogs and German words myself, if there are any more tweakings to be made)...
They go into the language specific folder inside the Lang folder in the root of the Winamp install folder. Since this is a German translation then they would go into %PROGRAMFILES%\Winamp\Lang\de-de
If either the Lang folder or the de-de folder that's supposed to be inside of it doesn't exist then they will need to be created.

I was able to load your language files and I found a number of issues:
  • Both of the last 2 tabs on the info box dialog for streams (resource ID 102) are showing the exact same text for the tab labels. That's an internal error I will have to fix as I pasted in the wrong string table resource ID. Oops.
  • You have an extra space between the number and the unit of measure in encoder's packet length options.
  • The arrow that points to the bitrate edit box in the encoder dialog is chopped off because of the length of the translated word for "Specify" in the string table. Either widen the control or use a shortened version of the translated word. However, space is at a premium on this dialog as it all has to fit in a confined space for all the options available for encoding so I'm not surprised.
  • Same problem with the VBR combo box as above, the "R)" is getting chopped off.
  • The style flags on the picture control (ID 40007) in the stream info box dialog (ID 103) are set incorrectly. It's allowing the image to be drawn in it's native width/height and is getting clipped into total oblivion. It must have the SS_BITMAP, SS_NOTIFY, and SS_REALSIZECONTROL style flags. SS_REALSIZECONTROL is missing.
If your resource editor doesn't know about SS_REALSIZECONTROL here's the C++ define I'm using:
#define SS_REALSIZECONTROL 0x00000040L

Originally Posted by kzuse View Post
Thanks again for the great Plugin!! v2.0.1.2 works great!
Good to hear.
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