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Dynamic Library v1.1 Beta

Okay, so here we go again. For those bored with all this just ignore this thread
But I still had some ideas for DL which was just too "dangerous" to implement when 1.0 got quite stable. So this is back to beta. But it is based on 1.0 of course so most things should work the same...

New stuff!
* Moving tree (left, right, above, bottom)
* New language file format (see attachment)
* Blank spaces are ignored when sorting putting " abc" after "ab" instead of above.
* Other strange sorting behaviour fixed, showing up when not all files are in cache
* A bit faster to open and load? At least I hope it is...
* Improved playlist repair. Just pick a super-folder which is above the new folder in the hierarchy when you select a folder with the repair dialog. DL will then search from that directory and find your new path.

Small bug with the repair (maybe this was in 1.0 too?) but it doesn't seem like the tags are ever read for repaired paths until you close and startover.

Some not so good changes maybe?
* If you drag a folder from DL to the Playlist there will be a slight delay that wasn't there before. It will however give you the files sorted. Before it just added that folder like if you drag from Explorer. Don't know which one is prefereable?

Future ideas:
This is just ideas, input are very welcome!

* Double-click on song in DL should first check if song is already in Winamp playlist before adding. (probably not as default but at least this should be possible)
* New MessageBox which should be able to click a checkbox (Don't show me again)
* Make DL more compatible with Winamp 2.x. Won't ever be 100% though...Preferences for example are much smaller in Winamp 2.x. I won't hassle with making small preferences...but it should be possible to at least use DL if you want to cling to that oldie
* Perhaps some basic plugin support? I'd like it if I could add a module which counted playcount like ML does for example. One of few things I still use ML for...
* Maybe some smart playlists? Should be quite easy with cache...

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