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Originally posted by siebe83
[B]In v1.1, when an unexisting playlist root is selected (i.e. the .m3u file doesn't actually exist) it says "No files to display that match '%s'."
It should say "File or folder is unavailable." (Window:14)
The same goes for unexisting folder roots.
In v1.0 this worked fine.
Wait. When I select an existing playlist with files in it and I type a search it says "File or folder is unavailable", so I think you just swapped the two...
Probably...a lot of them got swapped apparently

When you try to load a 1.0 language file in DL 1.1, it would be nice it would be able to read the line "This language file is not made for this version of Dynamic Library etc..." and display it. As it is now, it won't read the file at all (I think?), doesn't give an error and it looks as if the file has been loaded when you look at the miscellaneous tab. A bit of backwards compatibility would be nice (at least a message that it isn't backwards compatible ).
That's reasonable
I think with a next release you should be more clear concerning the system requirements. For example in the installer something like "This plugin requires Windows 2000 or XP to work". And maybe even on the details page of Dynamic Library on
Also, Nunzio reported here that there wasn't a popup message to tell him he needed 2k/XP. If I understood correctly, DL wasn't even available in Winamp and it never showed the message "Dynamic Library requires at least Windows 2000 or XP and Winamp 5.04 or higher. Sorry!". But if you want to be sure you could ask him personally (he's a nice guy and will answer you with pleasure).
Hmm...I didn't realize anyone used Win95
I thought I'd checked that it worked (the message that is) on Win98, perhaps I didn't
But I guess it should be posted in the installer better what is required to run it.
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