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Re: Dynamic Library v1.1 Beta

Originally posted by Joonas

1) New language file format (see attachment)
2) Improved playlist repair...
3) Double-click on song in DL should first check if song is already in Winamp playlist before adding. (probably not as default but at least this should be possible)
4) Make DL more compatible with Winamp 2.x. it should be possible to at least use DL if you want to cling to that oldie
1) I cant load the new eng.lng file
2) Suuuuuper!!!
3) In case of already there, what would DL do? Move after current? pop up a message? ad it again? maybe some pref's
4) i dont see why anyone wouldn't upgrade his 2.x to 5 but if it doesn't slow DL down, or make the filesize to much bigger, i guesse it could do no harm to make it comp. if it's easy to do.

On the new repair i noticed that sometimes DL remembers the choosen super root for the next broken link to fix, but sometimes it remembers the child of that root in wich the previous fix was found. could't figure out when or why.
But it's a lot easier already fixing lists

edit: Maybe it's possible to let DL browse for folder in all DL roots automaticly, and if not found suggest browse file?
ed2: maybe search in cached files to locate the new possition could help/be faster?

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