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I installed 7 from a disk made this year on my desk machine. It did a couple reboots and was fine. This laptop.... it took like 3 days for it to get all the patches straight. I would assume it was pre-SP1 and wish I had thought to just use the service pack and to wait a couple months for SP2 (coming out in May according to MS).

I think we figured out why MS releases service packs and why a guy should use them.

We did eventually get there, so everything is cool. On a side note, I really like Windows 7. I was pissed that I had to shell out more money because I bought Vista, but Windows 7 is very good, so I'm not as chapped about it now.

If MS follows their tradition of completely screwing the pooch every other operating system release, Windows 8 should really suck.

Windows 7 should do until Windows 9 comes out
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