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i'm currently trying to get a hold of fragmer, because i think you guys should definitely exchange your experiences, even if you want to keep developing your own projects. from what i remember (and this was at least 2 years ago), fragmer was working on a cuda-based avs-clone. eventually he ran into some problems, and i don't remember if these were only related to keeping backwards compatibility. however, the problem was marrying gpu-based tasks with cpu-based task. apparantly, certain things still performed better on the cpu.

as i said before, to avoid going through common mistakes and to exchange some good practices, you guys should communicate if you want to bring your project anywhere.

i think it's good to think outside of winamp and even outside of windows. which is why recruiting people (and looking for advice) on this site only will not be enough. i'm not sure if vjforums is the optimal platform, but it's certainly one step ahead from here.
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