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I use such special characters all the time

and sometimes others [for some period of time for minor portion of my files and then wipe them out from them]

In formats FLAC, MP3, TTA, WV

And there as a time when I was still on Windows 7 where I had zero Winamp crashes. But after installing new version of Windows 7, some number of crashes started to occur. And on Windows 10 they continue to exist. Also now a total freeze up of Winamp sometimes within first minutes of usage happens

I never though it that way, but now I see a correlation. I was not using these characters on my Windows 7 or was just starting to use. They are no present in every file but with time more and more of them have them. I have no hard evidence yet, but only a suspicion

And yes I use ID3v2.3 UTF-16 in Mp3tag, removing all of the others
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