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Hi Frank, not having any problems with the site, everything plays fine.

Originally Posted by Frank C View Post
... Tara audio Visual Plugin showed up in the Plug-In Input list
I unchecked Process audio through Winamp as instructed (this seems counter intuitive)
When I restarted Winamp this was checked again. The uncheck is not sustained ...
This setting is required because playback has to be passed out of Winamp.
Unfortunately it also means that there is only limited communication available. Result is that odd messages may be left hanging in the Playlist Editor, or some other timing problem, e.g. titles may not get displayed , or be displayed out of order. Volume changes are not reflected in Winamp etc.

It is important to get this setting correct, or Winamp will not close properly after playing, and can lead to a crash or freeze.

Try this first. Close Winamp, restart Winamp, go to options, uncheck 'Process audio ...', close out, don't play anything, close Winamp and restart.

If that dosen't work, with Winamp closed, find the file 'tara.ini' in your main Winamp folder, check it's not write protected.
If need be open 'tara.ini' in Notepad and manually edit the 'Process audio ... ' setting.

Good luck

CJ - can only suggest you check your browser settings and associations. I'm using Firefox set to pass .ram files to Winamp automatically. Don't think it should make a difference though.

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