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Originally Posted by InCUbuS-94 View Post
The lack of replies in this thread should be a very strong message for you. AVS IS dead, period.
I feel like I'm being told off for daring to suggest people still use the software. It's not dead, dude. Anyone can grab it and use it. Why the hostility?

Originally Posted by InCUbuS-94 View Post
It's understandable, people move on with their lives, I don't use AVS anymore because I simply grow tired of it.
That's your decision, though. It speaks for veterans. It doesn't speak for others. Again, seems like only the veterans are considered to be the 'real' community members...

In 2002 I was seven years old. I missed out on being a part of this community for no fault of my own. I'd still like to be to create cool stuff and share it with people who appreciate it, and I really enjoy AVS and what it represents so I'll be trying to make stuff with it for as long as it's available. I'd appreciate it if that decision wasn't treated with scorn. "Look at this guy. Look at him trying to play with a program we've grown tired of. What an asshole." I really really dislike that attitude, and I see it all throughout this forum. "RIP Winamp. Because I said so."

Radionomy have already given the impression that they care about winamp. The vis software is still out there, and people can pick it up play with it, and as long as that's true I'm going to be messing around with it and hoping that people become interested. The fact that you are tired of it is completely irrelevant and to use that as a reason to condemn avs is very selfish.
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