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Originally Posted by dreadofmondays View Post
It's not dead, dude. Anyone can grab it and use it.
Okay then, have you seen a pack released somewhere?

Originally Posted by dreadofmondays View Post
Why the hostility?
I'm not hostile whatsoever, the way you are approaching this discussion is.

Originally Posted by dreadofmondays View Post
Radionomy have already given the impression that they care about winamp. The vis software is still out there, and people can pick it up play with it, and as long as that's true I'm going to be messing around with it and hoping that people become interested. The fact that you are tired of it is completely irrelevant and to use that as a reason to condemn avs is very selfish.
There are posts around here and from other sites such as dA (it used to be the major platform to post our work before dA screwed everything up) from various artists that just claim what I said. How does that make me selfish? The fact that no new improvements have been applied to a buggy tool like AVS makes it a chore to work with, it's no rocket science really.
Other than that I really don't know what to tell you, other that if you want to contribue, just post your work and stop whining about AVS' current state.

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