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Hmm... interesting

No Media Library plugins.

What's the datestamp on your version of %ProgramFiles%\Winamp\NDE.DLL ?

I've a feeling you've still got the version from 5.56

nde.dll is currently only installed alongside Local Media (ml_local.dll) & History (ml_history.dll)

The only 4 plugins which call that function are:
ml_local.dll, ml_history.dll, gen_orgler.dll & in_cdda.dll

Of those 4, the only one you've got is in_cdda.dll
(which is the correct version from 5.57)

You could confirm the error message goes away if you temporaily move in_cdda.dll out of the Winamp\Plugins folder.

I'm going to fix the installer to also install nde.dll alongside in_cdda & gen_orgler.

In the meantime, you could also confirm that the error message goes away after replacing nde.dll with the version from 5.57 in my attachment (also make sure in_cdda.dll is back in the Winamp\Plugins folder first).


Wayhey. Benski also posted, just before me, lol :-)


Hmm, nde.dll is already installed alongside in_cdda.dll
So I'm really not sure what's going on there...

The plot thickens....

Do you also get the error when using the default English localization (as opposed to the German lang pack)?

Maybe Benski's on to something there...
Maybe OneForNunz isn't picking up (an older version of) gen_orgler or some ml plugins,
which would also explain why the error occurs when running the Nunz plugin to get the plugin list.

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