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ID3 Tags and Unicode problem

Greetings everyone...
Yesterday I've formatted my PC so I've downloaded Winamp once again, the latest version which is 5.61... As soon as I loaded my music in the program, I noticed that the metadata reading was changing my Unicode titles into strange unencrypted titles. Windows clearly shows these titles, as well as Winamp does, before reading the metadata of those certain files, as seen in the following screenshots:

Initially I tried to check the ID3 Tags, just to discover what is seen on this screenshot:
1) the File Info Editor format has been severely changed;
2) my files had some 'improvised' Tags active (by 'improvised' I mean they had the the same title as the file name, the genre switched to 'Other' and the year - on every single one of my songs - switched to '2011');
3) if I try to edit them by... let's say just deleting that title, it automatically gets re-compiled.

I should point out the fact that I am used to deleting/disabling all ID3 Tags on my songs, so that Winamp could show the actual titles that I type in the file names.

I have been Google'ing these problems for about an hour now and I did find some similarities, but not exactly my problem. I found out that having Windows Media Player or iTunes installed might be the cause of my changed ID3 Tags. I only have Windows Media Player 11 installed. On some post I found that disabling some options could disable the actual automatic tag-adding. I checked those options out and they were already disabled.

Surfing the Internet for more info on Unicode titles, I've found this thread:
I followed the steps and still nothing happens.

Any suggestions on how to get this fixed? I would appreciate it very much!

I should also point out the fact that I've never encountered this issue before, therefore I'm really confused if those ID3 Tags actually stay there and if I have to remove them one by one or is there a program that can remove them automatically...
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