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Changelog v1.1.5 (2020-01-16):

New = Option in Songticker's Right-Click menu to customize welcome message (thanks Juanus!).
New = [WACUP users] specific screenshots.
New = (Notifications) Mouse hover reveals a close button now
Fixed = Spanish translation (thanks 440 hercios!)
Fixed = Swapped Osciloscope's 'solid' and 'lines' in Vis RC menu (thanks PimpUigi!)
Removed = Variants of Oxygen font (experimental, it can be back)
Removed = Skin tips
Removed = File info background fade-in on startup (snappier)
Removed = Songticker option "copy songticker info..." (it can be back if requested enough)
Removed = Extra separators on Right-Click menus.
Improved = Volume pop-up rebuilt to be more responsive.
Improved = Cleaned up some unused gammagroups.
Improved = [WACUP users] PL scrollbar has a better integration now.
Improved = Multibutton's text "Open About Winamp" changed to "Default Lightning Bolt Behaviour" to better reflect what's selected on Advanced Library Preferences.
Improved = Album art on side panel and File Info section now have a better Close button.
Improved = Under the hood work to make Color Themes page easier to update (door way more opened to new themes =) ).
Improved = "Legacy" Color Themes look better now.
Added = Gordon Freeman's* color themes (thanks!) + 4 new ones by me.

*PS: Check out Gordon's Winamp skin >> Winamp 2000 SP4
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