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Winamp Backup Tool v2.0 Alpha 5 available


WARNING: Do not use this for regualr backups, use latest final version instead!!

2.0 Alpha 5:

- fixed invalid ini handling, if the Winamp_Backup_Tool.inicouldn't be created
- fixed a bug, that the Winamp_Backup_Tool.ini file entries were not correctly written, if the 'Winamp Backup Tool' settings folder wasn't present
- fixed a bug that the tool wrongly created a Winamp_Backup_Tool.ini file in Winamp's config path
- [Installer] fixed that the installer fails to write the config data, if the 'Winamp Backup Tool' dir wasn't present on the system

2.0 Alpha 4:

- made that the zip file will be directly created in the user specified backup dir (should speed up things)
- made tool extracts 7za.exe to the user temp folder, if it wasn't found in the install dir
- moved Paths and Finish page code to separate scripts

2.0 Alpha 3:

- added zip compression functionality for backups:
* made that files will be backed up to a "WinampBackupTemp" folder in the user temp dir
* made that the tool will zip compress the files from within the "WinampBackupTemp" folder
* made that the tool will will move the backup zip file to the user backup dir path
* made that the tool will clean up the temp folder
- [Installer] added install/uninstall support of 7za.exe
- [Installer] made that installer will write the Backup Tool install path to the Winamp_Backup_Tool.ini file (used to get the path of 7za.exe)

2.0 Alpha 2:

- changed location of the Winamp_Backup_Tool.log file to "APPDATA\Winamp Backup Tool"
- fixed a bug in select Winamp folder dialog which would allow to pass an invalid folder
- fixed a bug, that the Winamp_Info_Tool_Update.ini wasn't downloaded to the correct directory
- fixed wrong paths in the Update check code
- updated the Winamp Info Tool function to get the default reports dir

2.0 Alpha 1:

- replaced the NSIS standard function to get the Winamp install path, with a flexible, more robust function
- vastly improved the Winamp detection code, if the Uninstall registry entry couldn't be found:
* made that the tools looks for winamp.exe in the same dir where it's running from
* made that tool searches for Winamp.exe in the default program folder
* added the ability to enter the Winamp installation path manually, if Winamp couldn't be found on the system via other methods
* made that Winamp install directory is stored in Winamp_Backup_Tool.ini
* added a file check if the Winamp Install path provided by Winamp_Backup_Tool.ini is valid
- changed location of the Winamp_Backup_Tool.ini settings to "APPDATA\Winamp Backup Tool"
- changed location of the temporary Winamp_Info_Tool_Update.ini to "APPDATA\Winamp Backup Tool"
- changed default location of the backup files to "APPDATA\Winamp Backup Tool\Backups"
- made tool writes own exe path to Winamp_Backup_Tool.ini
- removed the Help button, because of an incopmatibility with the related Plug-in and latest NSIS
Spent a few hours to port the Info tool stuff back. Now lets start the long 2.0 period.

The first important thing, is that the changes in this alpha build will be tested, before I enable other features.

Known issues:

- Restoration mode doesn't work (zip functionality wasn't added yet)
- only the English language file is fully working
- Backup Tool currently does not import your old settings file (will be added later)
- Backup Tool does not import your old backup files (will be implemented later)

Things which need testing:

- Winamp detection stuff ( the same things like for the new Info Tool version: Link)
- Backup functionality in general


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