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Originally Posted by Koopa View Post
What do you mean with 'only some files were backed up'? Has the tool ignored files, which should have backed up? Is it because you used settings from previous mode (so expected behavior if some thing were unchecked) or did it fail even when all things were checked in the selection page? If so can you send me your log file and tell me for which files it failed?
Sorry I didn't save the log from the 1st run. I can delete everything and try to recreate what I saw. Basically, the folders were created in the archive, but the ones I checked were empty. The root folder only had the integrity, Pro_reg, and backup tool config files.

Originally Posted by Koopa View Post
Additionally are you able to test the Winamp detection stuff (same tests like for Winamp Info Tool)?
Do you mean remove the Winamp uninstall entry from the registry and test the other stuff related to Winamp in a non-default location?

Originally Posted by Koopa View Post
Would be also interesting, if you change the backup dir, if things are still working ok.

I'm really sorry for all the work, but it seems, that you are and will be the only tester.

Once these things are working like they should I can start work on restoration mode, the horrible part...
I'm happy to help out, but I'm running out of time today (need to get some sleep before going to work). I will get back on it first thing tomorrow.

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