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Originally Posted by Koopa View Post
What exactly fails? If you enter a valid path it still loops the the whole checks again?
It is wanted, that it presents the folder selection dialog as long, as you don't have any valid entry, that loop is wanted. The user can abort it via 'No' in the message box.

If you have removed the reg key, you can simply rename winamp.exe to winamp2.exe. The tool does a file check with the path it got, so no winamp.exe in the path will force it to do the checks again.
Yes the reg key is still removed. All I did was change the installed program folder's name from "Winamp" to "1Winamp". This 'new' location has the winamp.exe file in it. Maybe you need to let the dialog select winamp.exe and not just the folder (or there's an extra separator or lack of one between the path and filename).

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