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Thanks DrO - I was pulling my hair out trying to fix this yesterday - I guess the clue was it no longer shows 'powered by gracenote' during the look-up.

I found the auto tagging exceeding accurate - somehow identifying the correct album tag with seemingly identical tracks (eg it would know which track was from the greatest hits) and with a few tagging clues, it would have a good guess at identifying home ripped albums and tapes.

Its power derived from audio finger printing, and this is not a common feature available for home use. Other tagging apps rely on all the tracks from the CD being present and in the correct order and often that you know the precise album name - if you mistag in the first place, then having lost the original track order, I find it difficult to recover, other than manually tagging them.

Picard (musicbrainz) is a popular app and does fingerprint, but I found the version for PC hopeless, and it is unclear what is going on at all. No thanks.
MegaTogger 5.1 also uses the musicbrainz finngerprint db, presumably as you intend to implement, and its interface is much much better, but it will only correct the title and artist tags.
Better than nothing. It gets a lot right, but incorrectly identifies classic chart number 1's so either the database is pretty basic, the fingerprinting ambiguous, or it lacks the fuzzy logic of the gracenote processing. Maybe the db will have improved by the time of the winamp release.

If there are some better audio finger printers available, then my initial search has not discovered them.
I am surprised google or someone has not offered to pay for the winamp tagging function in return for profile information - if it knows exactly what we are listening to, it can sell us more.
Not ideal, but everything has a price, as we have just found out.
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